Python | List vs Dictionaries


The list is a linear data structure list that can store heterogeneous data that is you can store integer value float value string in one list in the list we use square brackets to create a list. without any element is called an empty list in the list we use the index to access the data.


daily_sells = (100000, 150000,200000,220000,250000,300000,400000)
day = input("enter 'sun','mon','tue','wed','thur','fri','sat':")

if day == 'sun':
    dayname = 'sunday'
    sell = daily_sells[0]

elif day == 'mon':
    dayname = 'monday'
    sell = daily_sells[1]
elif day == 'tue':
    dayname = 'tuesday'
    sell = daily_sells[2]
elif day == 'wed':
    dayname = 'wednesday'
    sell = daily_sells[3]
elif day == 'thur':
    dayname = 'thursday'
    sell = daily_sells[4]
elif day == 'fri':
    dayname = 'friday'
    sell = daily_sells[5]
elif day == 'sat':
    dayname = 'saturday'
    sell = daily_sells[6]
    print("wrong input")
print("the sells for",dayname,"was",sell,"rupees")


enter 'sun','mon','tue','wed','thur','fri','sat':mon
the sells for monday was 150000 rupees


Dictionary is an associate data structure in the dictionary we mention data with their keys access the data we use the key with the help of key we use the data.


daily_sells = {'sun':100000,'mon':150000,'tues':200000,'wed':220000,'thur':250000,'fri':300000,'sat':400000}
dayname = {'sun':'sunday','mon':'monday','tues':'tuesday','wed':'wednesday','thur':'thurday','fri':'friday','sat':'saturday'}
day = input("enter 'sun','mon','tue','wed','thur','fri','sat':")
print("the sells for",dayname[day],"was",daily_sells[day],"rupees")


enter 'sun','mon','tue','wed','thur','fri','sat':wed
the sells for wednesday was 220000 rupees

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