Difference between Multiprogramming, multitasking, multithreading and multiprocessing

In this blog we are discussing the above topic which is not easy to differentiate. This question is being asked multiple times in interviews or in viva's. Now, on a short note; Multiprogramming: A computer running more than one program at a time like running Word and Chrome simultaneously. Multiprocessing: A computer using quite one CPU at a time. Multitasking: Tasks sharing a standard resource like 1 CPU. Multithreading: It is an extension of multitasking in which quite one threads are executed parallely on a one CPU. Multiprogramming It is also the ability of an Operating System to execute more than one program on a single processor machine. More than one task/job/process/program can reside into the main memory at one point of time. As previously said a computer running word, chrome, VLC simultaneously is an example of multiprogramming. Multitasking It is the power of an OS to execute quite one task simultaneously on one processor machine. Though we are saying so but actually no two tasks on one processor machine are often executed at an equivalent time. Actually CPU switches from one task to subsequent task so quickly that appears as if all the tasks are executing at an equivalent time. More than one task/program/job/process can reside into an equivalent CPU at one point of your time. Multiprocessing It is the power of an OS to execute quite one process simultaneously on a multi processor machine. In this, a computer uses quite one CPU at a time. Multithreading It is the ability of an operating system to execute the different parts of a program called threads at the same time. Threads are the sunshine wait processes which are independent a part of a process or program. In multithreading system, more than one threads are executed parallely on a single CPU. Follow us on Instagram @programmersdoor Join us on Telegram @programmersdoor Please write comments if you find anything incorrect, or you want to share more information about the topic discussed. Follow Programmers Door for more. #blog #interview #placement #learn #computer #science

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