Java Program to find middle element of Linked List

In this post, we will discuss how to find the middle element in linked list in most efficient way. Implementation Using Java: public class FindMid {
public static Node<Integer> create() {
Node<Integer> n1=new Node<Integer>(10);
Node<Integer> n2=new Node<Integer>(20);
Node<Integer> n3=new Node<Integer>(30);
Node<Integer> n4=new Node<Integer>(40);
Node<Integer> n5=new Node<Integer>(50);;;;;
return n1;
public static void print(Node<Integer> head) {
System.out.println("The linked list is"+" ");
public static Node<Integer> mid(Node<Integer> head) {
Node<Integer> slow=head;
Node<Integer> fast=head;
while(!=null &&!=null)
return slow;
public static void main(String[] args) {
Node<Integer> head=create();
Node<Integer> midElement=mid(head);
System.out.println("The mid element is"+" ";
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