This pandemic has ruthlessly rattled the lives of people but its adversity can be reduced by healthy living. So hang on this blog will help you find your way towards healthy living. Amidst the lockdown time, people are facing huge number of problems may it be the outer problems of the daily life or the one which is growing into our mind and body . Seeing all the pace going down to zero , the economic world shaken up due to the pandemic, people struggling to earn their bread and butter and the very challenging mental breakdown . People seeing the picture of themselves on the verge of extinction, regular increase in the patient count, the unavailability of the beds in the hospitals making it even more worst to survive and with no early coming of the vaccine . People being stuck indoors, worried about an uncertain future , concerned for their near and dear ones . This pandemic is a stressful situation for anyone to contend with . BUT, Let's look up to a bigger picture , shiner and brighter can we heal our mind ???? Mind being the temple of the body generates immense positive energy which will help the people fight with greater strength . This is the time when you need to calm yourself and work on your mental wellbeing to keep your immune strong and healthy to fight this pandemic . There could be certain ways to protect your mental health- ** KEEP your mind active - read , write , play games sudokus , drawing , painting etc , find something you really enjoy . ** REGULARLY be in contact with your loved ones , try to express your thoughts , feeling and worries . It will help you feel lite and relaxed ** THINK about your daily routine with some different healthy exercise and activities . ** TRY to regularly meditate and calm your mind be stress free. ** LOOK after your sleep, try to maintain regular sleep pattern and keep good sleep hygiene practices . ** THE most important one move less out of your homes , only at times when it is really required and urgent , use proper masks and sanitizers . BE SAFE, BE CALM, BE HEALTHY ONLY KEYS TO FIGHT THIS PANDEMIC BRAVELY. HEALTHY LIVING! Follow us on Instagram @programmersdoor Join us on Telegram @programmersdoor Please write comments if have any recommendations or corrections. Follow Programmers Door for more LIFESTYLE blogs! #blog #learn #pandemic #healthyliving #stayhome #covidcrisis

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