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In this blog, we will discuss a problem asked in TCS Codevita 2019. Before running into the solution try it by yourself first. Problem Description There is a test of Algorithms. The teacher provides a question bank consisting of N questions and guarantees all the questions in the test will be from this question bank. Due to lack of time and his laziness, Codu could only practice M questions. There are T questions in a question paper selected randomly. Passing criteria is solving at least 1 of the T problems. Codu can't solve the question he didn't practice. What is the probability that Codu will pass the test? Constraints 0 < T <= 10000
0 < N, T <= 1000
0 <= M <= 1000
M,T <= N Input Format First-line contains single integer T denoting the number of test cases. The first line of each test case contains 3 integers separated by space denoting N, T, and M. Output For each test case, print a single integer. If the probability is p/q where p & q are co-prime, print (p*mulInv(q)) modulo 1000000007, where mulInv(x) is the multiplicative inverse of x under modulo 1000000007. Timeout 1 Test Case Example 1 Input 1
4 2 1 Output 500000004 Explanation The probability is ½. So the output is 500000004. Implementation using C: #include<stdio.h>
int combinations(int n, int r)
int itr;
int numerator=1,denominator=1,result;
for(itr=1; itr<=r; itr++)
denominator = denominator*itr;
numerator = numerator*(n-(itr-1));
result = numerator/denominator;
return result;

int calcGCD( int num1, int num2)
int rem;
rem = num1%num2;
return num2;
num2 = rem;
long long int mulInv(long long int a)
long long int m =1000000007,itr,b;
for(itr=1; itr<m; itr++)
b = (itr*m+1)/a;
return b;

int main()
int t,itr;
for(itr=1; itr<=t; itr++)
int qb_questions, learnt, chosen, unknown, gcd;
long long int result;
int waysOfChoosing,waysOfFailing,p,q;
scanf("%d %d %d",&qb_questions,&learnt,&chosen);
unknown = qb_questions-learnt;
waysOfChoosing = combinations(qb_questions,chosen);
waysOfFailing = combinations(unknown,chosen);
p = waysOfChoosing-waysOfFailing;
q = waysOfChoosing;
gcd = calcGCD(p,q);
p = p/gcd;
q = q/gcd;
result = (p*mulInv(q))%1000000007;
return 0;
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